Monday, 16 April 2012

Wood you believe it...

Off work today and so  I thought I would have a wee skirmish...

The Lamplighter patrol sees some nickers lurking in the woods.Muskets are prepared but they miss.The nickers close and the Lamplighters flee off the table .Sadly no potions had been packed to confound and confuse the enemy by throwing . Short ,fun and played using a combination of SBH and my own simple kreigspeiling- dice throwing and diverse ideas that is!

A Welcome to Jim my latest follower here. I would be most interested to read of your ideas for this fascinating 18th century world and how to game it.

It would be good to hear here of everyones current gaming ideas /figure sources that we might all share and not have to reinvent the wheel.


  1. An excellent start! Potives would have been handy; maybe a conversion of a grenade-throwing grenadier?

  2. Such a pleasant sight: cheers!

  3. I agree with El Grego. Use a grenade to represent a potive in hand. I've recently started modeling some of the characters from the series as I finish the books with my sons. Cheers.

    My lamplighters are Wargames Factory from the line of Spanish Succession (Horse and Musket), but I'm looking at singles from the GW Empire minis.

    For nickers and bogles, I'm getting some singles from GW. I have a skaven rat ogre, a daemon bloodletter, a woodelf dryad which will get a non-woody paint, a tzeentch head for a conversion and a seeker mount from which I will carve off the saddle and straps.