Saturday, 1 October 2011

Painted nickers...

I finished the nickers today and they don't look too bad...
I feel that they were well worth 90p each plus P&P . I am thinking of trying some bigger monsters soon. Now we are almost ready to have our first game using SB&H...


  1. Good indeed!
    If you are in search for more diversity, for very diverse creatures that could reflect the variability and weirdness of nickers -from ±humanoid to totally shapeless- several manufacturers offer 'Lovecraftian' miniatures:
    EM4 (ex-Metal Magic),
    Mirliton (ex-Grenadier),
    Black Cat Bases...

    Some minis of the Dark Age 'Brood' range may also be of interest (the odd beasts, and as 'humanoids' Gazelle and Scion?).

    As a matter of 'monstrous tricornes' -more appropriate as encounters for daring Tradgarlanders?- Tinbits has 3 Pirates "NOT of the Caribbean" and Reaper has a Bathalian Pirate (their 'Bathalians' look rather like Mindflyers, perhaps in a more 'Cthulhuesque' way).

  2. Had the first SBH battle yet?

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  4. Those are some mean looking creatures.

  5. I realise it's been years since this post, but if you're still playing MBT games and searching for new nickers, take a look at some of the beasties put out by Privateer Press for Warmahordes.