Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Quatro of Lamplighters moving forward...

Although I have done far less than I had hoped to do this weekend, I have moved my first Quatro of Lamplighters on a little. I intend to use them for skirmishing using Songs of Blades and Heroes. I am debating what figures to use as nickers and may send off for some samples today.Another plan is to read back the second novel to find out details of the blockhouses in order to build one for the tabletop...
P.S any suggestions for nickers and calendars gratefully received!


  1. Could well moonlight as 'adventurers' in Tradgarland! Specialists of dark undergrounds, obviously.

  2. They look great. What make are they?? And where is the lamp from?? I seem to recall some GW stuff - Mordheim perhaps??