Friday, 2 September 2011

Anyone out there still?

Good Morning! It is Saturday 7.00am ...
I haven't been here for a while ( and I guess the same is true for you if you are reading this) and it is good to be back...
Over burdened by real life at present and paper-serving paper work at work. On the train I have been reading "Morheim" as a slight diversion.I have also been looking anew at Songs of Blades and Heroes too.
With little energy to paint /game I have mused and mulled-over instead as a diversion . I am keen to review this Threwdish project and take it on ,if I can, at a skirmish game level. I wondered if your projects wee continuing and where you were at .Please leave a comment here to let us know...
best wishes
p.s SBH or Mordheim any thoughts for which would work better in our setting- or do you have another suggestion?


  1. Hi Alan - Mordheim might be a good ruleset also; I think I downloaded it some time back and will dig it up.

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  3. I was a fan of SOBH but abandoned it in the end as I began to feel that it wasn't quite granular enough (for my tastes).

    Mordheim I cannot comment on, I have it but haven't used it as I didn't want to have to reverse engineer a points system out - I would like to have my own tastes reflected in the forces (rather than use the warband templates that gw provide, and sold minis for...)

    My suggestion would be BASH! Fantasy, which is granular, adaptable, fun (my group have enjoyed it).. I'm not familiar with the setting you are hoping to play, but I think bash as is is at the heroic end of things, but can easily be scaled back (if you get it I would suggest giving 5 rather than 7 points for characteristics and considering the same reduction for powers and abilities)..

    Bash can be found here:

    I think it's an underused skirmish system, that deserves more love!