Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow,updates and diverse plans...

Off work today due to snow- got train to school and was sent home by mobile from snowed in boss!
Due to energy levels/family commitments I have read little further into "Factotum" but hope to pick this fascinating book up again very soon. Worked a little upon the cardboard edifice which is moving forward very slowly. I hope to put paint to my Front Rank samples soonish and will attempt to do them/Lamplighters justice with my efforts...
I remain convinced "Sons of Blades..." will serve my needs well and look forward to tweeking them over Christmas. A few Lamplighters painted and a few nickers and playtesting can begin!

Last,but by no means least, I was thrilled to find Mr Cornish had left a comment upon this very blog. It is fantastic to have him here and he is more than welcome to pop back again!

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