Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Samples etc

My Front Rank samples arrived today and look like they have great lamplighter potential...

I am considering whether to give my Cothouse garrison a distinct coat colour or run with Imperial Red. I home to get paint to lead at the weekend.

I have worked a little on the Cothouse model and have decided to move the Door to the first floor which will have a set of stairs wrapped around the building leading up to it.


  1. Those minis look nice. I am leaning more towards FR as I think they will measure up more closely with the fantasy models that might be needed for the special characters.

    Any chance of another pic with a scale?

  2. Will do at the weekend. Any thoughts about which fantasy ranges look most hopeful re characters etc?

  3. Finished the first book of the series - excellant ! any ideas for the various bogels and beasties ?

  4. Things are steadily taking shape: cheers!

  5. I'm thinking that some of the minis from Reaper, Malifaux, and even Anima Tactics might work for characters, probably other manufacturers also.

    As for the baskets and bogles... still working on that!

  6. I hope you do not mind me commenting, but WOW! I am really excited to see how much you have done and very much looking forward to how this (and El Grego's work to boot) all develops.