Tuesday, 23 June 2015

High time...

It is high time I posted here again. The project has stalled. Last night I decided to have a read of book 2 after many years away from it. It begins so well with so many gaming possibilities in the first chapter alone.I picked up the book again as a result of a trip out on Saturday. We were having coffee and a picnic at the outdoor cafe near the West entrance and I sat and looked at the lampstands whose photo I put up two posts ago.My mind drifted to D M Cornish's books and I thought I really must give this a go again. Next steps are-

  1. Need to get some Lamps for the road - any suggestions?
  2. Look out current state of figures
  3. Think once more about rules
For those who follow here can I ask if you are making any progress in your own projects? Perhaps we can all encourage one another forward...


  1. Hello Alan - I quite agree. I had a bit of a mis-start earlier this year, but I hope to gather some more headway soon. I'll post on my blog sometime soon.

    Best of luck!


  2. Dear Alan,

    It's a lonely road, being a Lamplighter. Keep at it! Scratchbuilds from Disposable Razors? Bamboo garden canes and florists wire?

    Kind regards,


  3. I found some lamps in a pack of Christmas decorations. It was the sort of thing you'd set up on a windowsill or table center.

  4. I just started my own site with your inspiration.

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