Sunday, 2 January 2011

Of Fetes and Fictlers...

I have just read this chapter of "Factotum" over coffee this morning and really found it gripping. Like the battle in "Lamplighter" upon the causeway this cries out for depiction on the tabletop at skirmish level...
Fictlers and strawheads would make an excellent band for "Songs of Blades..." or other skirmish rules. I have seen excellent 28mm scarecrows on the internet already. There is much potential here.
Mr Cornish can evoke a world with fascinating detail and convincing characters. He can also write fantastic action too! Hopefully 2011 will see some games on the tabletop here and elsewhere...
I am still amazed that no company has taken up Mr Cornish's world for a role playing game- it would work so well.
Oh, by the way, a Happy New Year from me to all our readers here at Lamplighter's Haven!
I imagine that you,like me, await more from Mr Cornish with bated breath this year .


  1. I have also just finished that part too! I agree it again adds to the list of adversies for my skirmish project. What do you think of the piltdowner men for the start of proxies, I take it from the description they are wearing a kilt of sorts? And also the horned helmets worn by some in the passage, fantasy style with nicker horns or more open faced viking style?..mmmm much to ponder.

    Have recieved most of my starting points for conversion work and will be starting my blog shortly.

    look forward to your work and the future of a gathering "movement" within the wargames community!

  2. I look forward to hearing more about your conversion work and seeing your blog begin.

    Have you had thoughts about rules and suitable figures too...
    best wishes

  3. I am considering useing vor as a basis for rules, I think that it will transfer well as I have converted it in the past for pirates and it has a build system that will work for the nickers.

    Miniatures wise I have ordered some sci fi type assasains from east riding miniatures to convert into calandars, with hasslefree female heads. Also looked into bronze age miniatures female "dollies" again with the haslefree heads as a start.
    The rest of my teratologists are from front rank, and laughing monk.

    Nickers I have some GW blood letter daemon bodies and arms with beastmen heads going to green stuff the fur. From bits and kits who sell GW parts.Also got some D&D miniatures for the bigger etins etc.

    How are you progressing with your lamplighters? painting that many checks takes a long time!!


  4. vor- must be tired tonight but can't think of what it stands for!
    The figure ideas are most interesting - I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing more...