Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Of Cothouses...

The building I hope to reproduce is a “Cothouse” a fortified building which will provide home and shelter(not to mention a defensive strongpoint) for the lamplighters and their auxiliaries( of which more anon)
The distance betwixt Cothouses is around ten to twelve miles- this is in order that the lamplighters will not ever be too far from safety as they go about their business of lamp lighting.
Cothouses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. My cothouse (yet to be named by me) will probably be an octagonal tower of stone with external steps leading to a heavy door some floors off the ground. The tower is 4 or five storeys high culminating in a tiled roof and myriad tall chimneys. The walls have loopholes on each floor for observation and for firing through. I am considering a courtyard with external walls and gates but haven’t decided yet. Construction will be of cardboard and I imagine the structure to be between 12 and 16 inches in height when completed. My next post will cover those who will live there and the auxiliaries in particular.


  1. This project sounds very interesting - looking forward to seeing what develops here.

  2. Just a thought, sir. You might want to build it floor-by-floor . . . that is, so you can remove floors in order to game inside any given floor.

    -- Jeff